Winklevoss Twins to Launch SiriusXM Show, Because Radio Is the New Facebook

Aww, the Winklevoss Twins are attempting to conquer the internet again! First, they founded social media (maybe); then they tried their hand at running one of those fancy blogs covering news about rich people partying. Soon after, they tried to become Bitcoin titans, and today, they announced that they found this exciting new medium called “online radio.” (It’s like radio, but online!)

Starting Thursday, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss will host their own limited-run SiriusXM show, catchily called “Winklevoss Radio”. It’s going to sound like this, probably complete with mentions of their names being mentioned on television news reports:

Admittedly, the twins have an interesting lineup of guests (Mike Judge, Richard Branson, and a bunch of other Silicon Valley famouses), but we’re going to enjoy the part of the radio broadcast where they attempt to show off their sparkling personalities.

According to a blog post by Cameron, he and his brother were inspired by Howard Stern and his move to SiriusXM, which makes us wonder: will each episode begin with the twins discussing the hot boobs they saw in St. Barts? Are boobs hotter in St. Barts or Ibiza? What would you prefer, Aspen boobies or Davos boobies? Boobies for the rich. (Face it, that’s what a Winklevii’d version of Howard Stern’s radio show would be.)

Winklevoss Radio premieres at this Thursday, May 22nd at 6:00 pm EDT on Indie Channel 104.

[h/t Valleywag]
[Image via Stephen Lam / Reuters]

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