Gay Republican Corners Cruz on Live TV: What Will You Do ‘To Protect Me and My Husband?’

This morning on Good Morning America, New Yorker Todd Cologne stood up to ask Ted Cruz a question. Cologne isn’t just a New Yorker, of course; a few of his other notable characteristics are his lifelong Republican leanings, his current indecision when it comes to the candidate he will vote for in the primary tomorrow, and the fact that he is married to a man.

His question bundled those features up into one convenient package. He asked how Cruz would protect him and his husband if he became president.

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Cruz gave an answer about religious freedom and said, “I think that keeping government out of the way of your lives protects the freedom of every one of us.”

Robin Roberts, who came out as gay only two years ago, pushed back, asking the candidate if everyone has the right to be treated equally. Cruz responded by backing up his support of overturning the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states.

Cologne’s original question went totally unanswered.

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