With One Week Left, Clinton Continues Releasing Ads on Trump’s Treatment of Women

Hillary Clinton has capitalized on Donald Trump‘s reputation for being a misogynist. With his attacks on the weight of former beauty pageant contestants, remarks about grabbing women “by the pussy,” and accusations of sexual assault, he at times appears to be the perfect opponent for someone running as the first female nominee from a major party.

Today, she and her campaign released yet another ad about Trump’s treatment of women. It follows a number of videos on the same subject.

There is only one week left until Election Day and the videos from the Clinton camp are coming rapidly.

Two days ago, they released one that featured the original actress from Lyndon Johnson‘s infamous “Daisy” ad. She talked about how Trump could bring about a nuclear war.

The tactic of using Trump’s own quotes against him isn’t new, either. His comments on veterans were touted, as were his policies on housing minorities.

For his part, Trump has repeatedly said that the ads against him are cruel and false.

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