Woman Attempts to Use a Slice of Pizza as I.D. at a Bar…

aurelios_pizza_2Police were called to a bar in Amherst, Massachusetts on Thursday after an altercation broke out at a bar when a woman was denied entry. A 21-year-old attempted to use a slice of pizza to get into a bar in lieu of any sort of I.D. When she was not allowed to enter the bar, she reportedly slapped the bouncer.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported the incident, and whoever wrote it had the honor and privilege of writing the following sentence: “After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment, the woman slapped the doorman in the face, according to police, and was issued a trespass notice to stay away from the location.”

There are so many questions here. Was the woman drunk enough to think that her pizza was her license? Was she just trying to bribe the bouncer? Did said bouncer end up getting to eat any of the pizza? Should pizza be allowed to be used to gain entry into bars?

Lots to unpack.

[H/T First We Feast]

[image via Wikimedia Commons/Navin Rajagopalan]

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