Woman Puts Out Ad Asking Voters to Reelect Husband as He’s Bugging Her Around the House

“Please reelect Gerald,” says Charlyn Daugherty as she stares down the camera. “Please.”

She’s the star of the latest campaign ad for Gerald Daugherty, who is running for reelection as the Travis County Commissioner in Texas. Seriously, watch this:

She looks pained as her husband bores her and their houseguests with facts and figures related to prisons, light rails, and more.

“All he wants to do is fix things,” she says of the man who finds it impossible to leave his work at the office.

In a year of really clever ads, this one is high on the list and is gaining traction. It has been up for about three weeks and has 80,000 views.

BONUS FACT: Travis County is the same Texas county with a GOP chair who is despised by everyone and regularly tweets racial slurs.

[image via screengrab]

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