Women Are Dropping Domestic Abuse Cases Out of Fear They’ll Be Deported

A new NPR report reveals that under President Donald Trump abused undocumented immigrants face a tough choice.

According to Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson, four women have not pursued cases related to violent physical assaults out of fear related to Trump’s tough talk and action on immigration.

She told NPR this:

We had pending cases that we were prosecuting on their behalf and since January 25, the date of the president’s executive order [on immigration], those four women have let our office know they were not willing to proceed with the case for fear that they would be spotted in the courthouse and deported.

That fear and “distrust [of] the court system” is reportedly the result of a video released last month that shows ICE officers waiting outside of a Denver courthouse.

Bronson has asked ICE to search for the violent criminals they’re after elsewhere so the immigrant community in Denver can feel safer relying on the justice system. After all, “ICE could just as easily work through the local jail here in Denver to apprehend these individuals and avoid frightening people in our community.”

[image via Department of Homeland Security]


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