Worst Reporter in D.C. Asks Kellyanne and Sarah Sanders to Compare Their Children to CNN’s Acosta


Benny Johnson is out with yet another banger.

Since falling from grace at Buzzfeed for serial plagiarism, and then later being accused of plagiarism and eventually getting fired from IJR, the viral blogger ended up at The Daily Caller, where he makes bad meme-tastic videos shilling for Ajit Pai.

In his latest post for the Caller — likely scored thanks to his nauseating defense of the press secretary after the WHCD — he sits down with the “Mothers Of The White House”: Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway And Mercedes Schlapp.

In it, he poses a playful question to the Mothers, taking a swipe at a chief White House foe: CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

“What’s more difficult: Dealing with your children on an onerous day or dealing with [CNN reporter] Jim Acosta?” Johnson asked.

Sanders replied with a laugh, before responding it “probably depends on the day.”

“Both of them whine pretty regularly. They both like to ask the same questions and sometimes their tone needs to be adjusted a little bit. So I think that having kids has prepared me for the job that I have right now. In all seriousness, I think that having kids is great preparation for anything — especially a job you need patience for and they have certainly prepared me for this one.”

Kellyanne Conway was somehow wise enough to not take the bait on Johnson’s follow-up:

“What’s more difficult: Dealing with your children on an onerous day or dealing with the White House press corps?” Johnson asked.

“I would not equate the two,” Conway replied.

Mercedes Schlapp, after noting the question was “unfair,” said:

“Sometimes I feel that there’s connection between the children and the White House press corps. They’re very demanding, both of them. And they’re very opinionated, both of them. I have great joy working with both of them. But I do find that, yes, the press corps and my children are very opinionated and very demanding.”

Watch above, via the Daily Caller.

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