WSJ: Conservative ‘Elites’ Shouldn’t ‘Validate Trump’s Nonsense’


wsj_buildingThe Wall Street Journal weighed in on les affairs Trump Monday morning, claiming the conservative “elite” had done this to themselves by tolerating too much Trump’s demagoguery. Of course, the existence of an elite with its own newspaper telling it what to do is exactly what riles up Trump’s fanbase in the first place.

“The summer Trump polling spurt has nonetheless been instructive in exposing a growing problem on the political right,” the Journal wrote. “All too many conservatives, including some magazine editors, have been willing to overlook his hucksterism as he’s risen in the polls. They pretend that he deserves respect because he’s giving voice to some deep disquiet or anger in the American electorate.”

That “magazine editor” line was likely a reference to Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who quickly retracted his praise of Trump after the candidate’s comments about Senator John McCain (R-AZ) this weekend.

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The ed board placed Trump in a long line of successful demagogues, from William Jennings Bryan to Strom Thurmond, but argued that cheap populism does not equal governance.

“Some Americans may find it satisfying 16 months from Election Day to tell pollsters they’d vote for him, but that doesn’t mean conservative elites should validate this nonsense,” the board wrote. They continued:

As for conservative media elites, too many have adopted the view that there can be no adversary to their right. This was mainly a left-wing affliction in the last century as many liberals refused to condemn Communists. But today many on the right seem willing to indulge any populist outburst no matter how divorced from reality or insulting to most Americans. If Donald Trump becomes the voice of conservatives, conservatism will implode along with him.

The board saved a special rebuke for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the one GOP candidate who declined to denounce Trump, as he hopes to inherit Trump’s voters once the celebrity plutocrat self-immolates, “revealing his own lack of political character.”

You’ll never guess what: Trump responded!

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