WSJ‘s Close Encounters With Web 2.0

While the rest of the newspaper world is trying to figure out how get back on the paid content train, the Wall Street Journal, which has never succumbed to the lure of free content, appears to be revisiting the Internet circa 2005 with yesterday’s launch of Speakeasy “a culture blog about media, entertainment, celebrity and the arts.” Considering the masthead’s martini olive, perhaps the Journal is embracing its own sort of ‘thinking and drinking.’

The Journal has been making more frequent forays into the social media landscape of late, namely with their recent iPhone app, which allows users — much to Rupe’s reported dismay — to access Journal content for free. But a culture blog is an interesting addition for a paper that has thus far scorned the idea of linkability — and if this sort of ‘we’ll read it for you’ takedown by Rebecca Dana of the recent plethora of mogul profiles is any measure of what is to come, perhaps better late than never.

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