WWII Vet Comes Out as Trans at 90


Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, so we’re going to bring you a story of visibility!

Above, you’ll see a New York Post video that introduces you to Patricia Davies from Leicestershire, England. There are a lot of cool things about Patricia. For instance, she fought in World War II. Also, she’s trans woman.

That second part is something that people only very recently found out about Davies, though. She kept it a secret until she was 90 in spite of knowing she wasn’t male as early as her toddler years. She wanted to be known by Patricia after she befriend a little girl who went by the name, but Davies said her request didn’t “stick.” She didn’t push it for fear of having to undergo electroshock therapy.

“The atmosphere [around being transgender] was not safe. People did not understand what transgender was,” she told the Post.

Her late wife did know that she was trans and was very supportive, buying her jewelry and dresses. Her wife died six years ago and now, Davies’s community knows the secret that could have easily died with her.

She said, “It’s not 100 percent safe now but it’s much better than it was. People that I have told seem to be very accommodating and haven’t thrown abuse at me.”

She’s on estrogen now and joins an ever-growing list of visible trans people and allies who are making public statements to better the lives of others.

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