‘My Children Can Answer Those Questions!’: Scarborough Bemused Over Latest Johnson Gaffe


By his own admission, Libertarian candidate for President Gary Johnson was having another “Aleppo moment,” last night during Hardball when he was drawing a blank on naming a world leader he admires.

The gaffe came during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, with his running mate and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld seated by his side.

“You gotta do this! Anywhere, any continent,” pressed Chris Matthews.

After playing the clip on Thursday’s Morning Joe, the panel was stunned into disbelief. MJ was the setting after all of the instantly-infamous Aleppo moment on September 8, when the former New Mexico Governor asked Mike Barnicle point blank, “What is Aleppo?”

“How does somebody think they’re going to run for President and be this ignorant? Completely ignorant?” asked Joe Scarborough this morning. “He could not name a leader — living or dead — past or present,” he continued incredulously.

“My children can answer those questions!” Scarborough mocked. The moment led many on the panel to draw the likely conclusion that somehow marijuana may be playing a factor (Johnson has admitted to his use of the stuff).

The Morning Joe cohost continued to viciously mock the third party Presidential candidate. “Does he not read the newspapers? Does he not listen to the radio? Does he not watch TV? You can smoke pot and listen to the radio at the same time!”

Willie Geist — who was admittedly “astounded” by the moment on Hardball — said that he also thought the same thing regarding Governor Johnson and potential pot use, though clarified that the candidate said that he would refrain from smoking during the campaign.

Watch the above moments from MSNBC.

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