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‘You Don’t Play Golf!’: Divided Trump Voters Spar on New Day

On New Day, Monday, co-host Alisyn Camerota convened the famous Trump voter panel to talk about their thoughts on the 45th President as the end of the first 100 days approaches.

Views were sharply divided. Of six panelists, three said they were “very, very happy.” Another two said they had “reservations.” One man said he had regrets and reservations, and one woman said none of those options reflected her views.

“I’m willing to give him a chance, but he’s not doing what I thought,” said one man, citing health care as a broken promise, “I expected him to work a little harder, a little more reasonable.”

Another woman, part of the “very, very happy” camp, shot back placing the blame with Paul Ryan, Congress, and the swamp.

“I blame a lot on Paul Ryan. I call him RINO Ryan,” she said. “I think they pulled the wool over President Trump‘s eyes.”

Another panelist from team “reservation” hit back, returning to health care.

“Get back to the table and work on it,” he railed. You don’t play golf! You work for the American people.”

It was heated.

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