‘You Forgot Your Own Identity’: Reza Aslan Calls Out Paul Ryan For Supporting Trump’s Refugee Ban

Regarding the ‘extreme vetting’ executive order signed by President Donald Trump suspending travelers and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries, religious scholar Reza Aslan took aim at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) for coming out early to support the action.

In a video essay, Aslan attempted to appeal to both Ryan’s criticism of Trump when he first proposed a Muslim ban in late 2015 and the lawmaker’s familial history of immigration to get him to change his mind and speak out against the order.

Bringing up Ryan’s critical comments about Trump in the past, noting he said he’d never tolerate a Muslim ban, Aslan pointed out that Ryan was “literally the first person in Congress” to offer support for the immigration executive order. Aslan went on to discuss Ryan’s Irish ancestors who immigrated to America in order to flee famine, all while dealing with intolerance and bigotry.

Getting emotional while he compared Ryan’s family history to that of his own — Aslan was born in Iran — he explained that his family came to the United States so they “wouldn’t be killed by their own government.”

“And it seems like you’ve forgotten something,” Aslan said, addressing Ryan. “Not just your words from last year. But you forgot your own identity. You forgot where you came from.”

Watch the video above.

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