‘You Have Outlived Your Usefulness’: McConnell Town Hall Attendee Blasts Him on CNN

By now you may have seen the video of the woman who went off on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a recent town hall. Rose Perkins yelled at McConnell about people on food stamps, coal miners, and veterans, before saying, “If you can answer any of that, I will sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren.”

She spoke this afternoon with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about her frustrations not just with McConnell, but politicians in general who have made a lot of promises to the people of Kentucky to win over votes, only to not follow up on said promises.

She claimed today that she was intimidated by a cop when she showed up at another McConnell town hall today because she didn’t have a ticket.

Baldwin asked her if she had anything else she wanted to tell McConnell. This is what Perkins said:

You need to listen to people. You forgot what you’re there for and you have outlived your usefulness. I’m sorry, sir. I respect you as a human being, but that’s about all. You need to get some integrity. I asked you to hire me because you need a conscience… You don’t appear to have one. And it’s concerning.

Watch above, via CNN.

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