‘You Know I’m Not Suggesting That!’: Joe and Mika Spar Over Warren’s Senate Silence


Massachusetts Senator and (let’s be honest) more-than-likely 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was barred from speaking on the floor of the Senate late last night after she read a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King, used in opposition to the Attorney General selection of Jeff Sessions (R-Al.). It was a maneuver that Mika Brzezinski praised Wednesday as “a wonderful strategy.”

So, minutes after Mitch McConnell had Warren removed from the lectern, Warren did the next best thing: read the letter — written by King to the then Senate Judiciary Committee — out loud on Facebook Live. It was King’s words, “Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens,” that prompted McConnell to take action, while Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough fundamentally disagreed about the success of the tactics at play.

In one corner, Brzezinski defended Warren’s actions, indicating that there is nothing wrong with the Democrats kicking dirt over President Donald Trump‘s cabinet picks. She said on Wednesday’s Morning Joe, “I think it’s important to put out in hearings for the public record exactly what the concerns are leading into working with these people.” She furthered by saying it’s as if Democrats should just roll over at this point.

“Nobody is suggesting that,” said Joe Scarborough.

“Well you are!” Brzezinski fired back.

“No, I am not suggesting that! And you know I’m not suggesting that. There’s a way to do it without basically suggesting [Jeff Sessions is] a racist,” Scarborough responded.

The panel Wednesday morning, comprised in part by Harold Ford Jr. and Steve Schmidt, said that the optics of the drama that unfolded last night elevated Warren as the prime opposition target against the Trump administration. Willie Geist opined that it will likely be used in many campaign ads next year when Elizabeth Warren seeks reelection in Massachusetts.

But Scarborough managed one last little barb after Brzezinski continued her defense of Warren by saying, “She was reading letters, invoking history, and showing people what the concerns were in a very measured and elegant fashion.”

“Well it worked out very well for her,” Scarborough said glibly.

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