‘You Never Know…’: Cenk Uygur Breaks Down the Hail Mary Electors Could Use to Oust Trump

imageedit_272_2601306531-650x463Earlier this week, a presidential elector named Christoper Suprun wrote an op-ed about how he can’t bring himself to vote for Donald Trump. Now, it looks like his idea is gaining some traction. “Electoral College” is trending on Facebook as the American public shares articles and opinions about this anti-Trump hail Mary. Those who don’t like Trump are hopeful; those who do are annoyed. Many are plain confused about how “Hamilton electors” even work.

Enter The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur, who explained the nitty-gritty details of what could happen.

He explained that those who seek to elect a different Republican candidate will need Democratic and Republican electors to join the cause. Moreover, they’re called “Hamilton electors” in honor of Alexander Hamilton, who envisioned the Electoral College as a barrier between those who are unfit and the highest office in the land.

To the Hamilton electors, Trump is exactly the type of person he wanted to keep out.

Will the plan work? Uyger says “you never know,” but at least if you watch the above video, you’ll know something more than you did about the electors who are trying to enlist some of their colleagues to vote someone else into the office.

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