‘You Should Be Ashamed’: Russian Ambassador Kislyak Slams CNN For Pushing Russia Story

CNN reporter Matthew Chance had a — chance — encounter recently, capturing a coveted man-on-the-street interview with Russia’s former ambassador to the United States. Cornering Kislyak outside of his van, Chance pressed him on some of the most hot button issues regarding Trump and Russia.

Kislyak, seemingly taken off guard kept it cool — but was cutting, at once point slamming CNN and telling Chance he “should be ashamed” for continuing to peddle the Russia story.

“What about this allegation that you’re a spymater or spy recruiter? Did you attempt to recruit any members of the Trump administration,” asked Chance.

Ok — now that is a pretty insane question. Even if it were true, there is exactly zero chance that Kislyak would answer honestly. Chance likely was not surprised by the ambassador’s response.

“Nonsense,” he said cutting Chance off mid-question.

“You should be ashamed because CNN is the company that keeps pointing to these allegations. It’s nonsense.”

Chance argued back that it wasn’t just CNN but also U.S. intelligence agencies which made the claim. The interview ended with Kislyak complaining about the recently passed sanctions law against Russia, which passed Congress with overwhelming majorities, over President Trump’s objections.

The video is presented as a stand-alone the CNN website without context, and it’s unclear where exactly the meeting took place or where Kislyak was going.

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