‘You Want to Drain the Swamp? Start With Rudy Giuliani’: Fox’s Outnumbered Goes Off on Trump Appointments

imageedit_240_8301295086On Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered today, the hosts really got into it about President-elect Donald Trump‘s possible cabinet picks. Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani were discussed at length.

Kat Timpf pointed out that the American people would likely be less rattled by Romney as Secretary of State than Giuliani while Julie Roginsky made the case that Giuliani simply isn’t qualified for the job.

Roginsky explained that simply traveling a lot doesn’t make a person qualified to be Secretary of State, especially not when that traveling is due to foreign business interests. Dagen McDowell jumped in to say that only 10% of his business was with foreign governments. Roginsky returned fire, saying that not only is that 10% too much for someone who wants to be Secretary of State, but it isn’t even a number that anyone can confirm since Giuliani took Trump’s lead and never released his tax returns.

“You have to go on what he says at this point,” McDowell insisted. “He said 10% and he’s never lobbied the U.S. government on behalf of any clients of Giuliani Partners.”

“You don’t have to be a registered lobbyist to pull strings and pull connections,” Roginsky said.

McDowell jumped in again with what sounded like, “Oh, now liberals have religion on that?”

Roginsky stood her ground, announcing that if Trump really wants to drain the swamp, he needs to start with Giuliani.

Watch the whole thing above.

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