Youngster Walks Away From Local News Reporter Because He’s Not Lester Holt

Drew Carney, a local news reporter for KGW in Portland, Oregon, got more than he bargained for during a recent interview with a young man who was far more interested in meeting NBC News’ Lester Holt.

Apparently Carney’s celebrity status wasn’t enough to impress the youngster — named Jaden  the subject of an interview segment at the airport at the end of last week. “You have something to say, I can see you’re chomping at the bit there young man,” asked Carney. “What’s on your mind?”

“Um, I was wondering– I didn’t really see you on the TV that much,” he replied. “But Lester Holt? I usually see him on the news more than you,” the young man continued before turning and walking totally out of frame.

Jaden appeared again in the segment, telling Holt directly that he should visit the youngster’s house in Portland so he could see all the stories that the NBC Nightly News anchor has reported on. Holt even caught wind of Jaden’s remarks, taking to Twitter to reveal that the local news exchange, “just lit up my day.”

Watch above via KGW-TV.
[h/t: FTV Live]

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