Your Moment Of Glenn: Beck Hosts A Sarah Palin Infomercial

Well if this is the future of the Republican party I am bored. Phew. Who knew sticking Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in the same room could be such a snoozefest. I’m not sure why I was expecting Glenn Beck to actually ask Sarah Palin direct questions (or even one) or, say, apply some of the stringent vetting he likes to subject the White House to to the former Governor of Alaska. Or just, say, look Sarah Palin in the eye and simply as “why as a voter should I believe you?” JOKE IS ON ME.

Instead today’s taped show — taped against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty! — was basically an hour-long Palin infomercial (maybe he’s practicing for CPAC?). Maybe Glenn Beck really is angling to be the next Oprah because this interview was equally softball, actually maybe more so. Video of Glenn Beck reading to Sarah Palin from his diary (no really: “she is one of the only people I can see that can possibly lead us out of where we are…I don’t know if she can lead and not lose her soul”) below. Needless to say, SNL is sure to be cooking up their own version for sometime down the line, which may or may not do this justice.

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