Your Moment Of Glenn: Dubai Make U.S. Look ‘Amish’

Picture 2Amidst the spectacle of Tiger Woods‘ car crash and the Salahi’s White House party crash, was the equally spectacular (and arguably more important) story of the Dubai economy crash. For those of you interested in a detailed, business-minded background on what went on and what didn’t, Andrew Ross Sorkin has penned this piece in the New York Times For those of you interested in the shorter, slightly more spectacular view, there is Glenn Beck.

Beck took some time on last night’s show to explain the Dubai crisis, as well as put it in perspective. American perspective. Beck described Dubai (fairly accurately) as “Vegas on steroids” and says that the country — which has constructed man-made islands built in the shape of Dubai’s emblem — “is the only country in the world that makes the United States look Amish.” Also, fairly accurate. However! Before we start feeling too good about our comparably modest national lifestyle, Beck wants to know: if Dubai’s economy and lifestyle was modeled after America’s, and their fall has been so spectacular, what should the United States expect? Short, chalkboard answer: California. Video below.

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