RNC Denounces Obama Gun Control Executive Actions As ‘Dangerous Power Grab’

priebus gopThe Republican National Committee wasted no time in denouncing President Barack Obama‘s newest gun control executive actions, calling them a “dangerous power grab.”

“Ever since the American people voted to place a check on President Obama’s agenda, he has routinely overstepped his constitutional authority to force his policies on the American people and this gun control push is no different,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. “The Supreme Court reaffirmed gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right, but that clearly hasn’t stopped President Obama and the Democrats’ obsession with restricting the Second Amendment.”

“The recent tragedies that have gripped our country are heartbreaking, but none of the unilateral restrictions President Obama is proposing would have prevented them, making his proposal all the more insulting and political,” he continued. “The truth is, this executive overreach is all about burnishing the president’s legacy and boosting Democrat enthusiasm in a presidential election year.”

In the end, Priebus promised, “the American people won’t tolerate President Obama’s dangerous power grab.”

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