Two Women Removed From Trump’s Polling Place After Going on Topless Protest

It would seem that Donald Trump‘s critics are making sure that their voices are heard all the the way to the bitter end of the 2016 election.

The mogul will be appear at the High School of Art and Design today in New York, where he will cast a vote for himself to become America’s next president. Before the mogul’s arrival, however, two women were led out of the venue when they took off their shirts and started blasting the mogul.

Watch below, via People magazine’s Sharon Clott Kanter.

Warning: Nudity

The women blared anti-Trump messages like “Trump, grab your balls” and “Hate out of my polls ” on their bodies, and they continued to shout their disdain for the mogul as security led them out. According to The Hill, the ladies seem to be affiliated with Femen, an international feminism group.

Trump has struggled to attract women voters throughout his campaign, which was made more difficult by the release of his “grab ’em by the pussy” remarks, and multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

[Image via screengrab]

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