Joe Rogan Says TikTok is ‘For Sure’ Lying About Private User Info: ‘These Dudes Have Been Sending Data to China Since Day One’


Joe Rogan won’t believe TikTok is telling the truth when it comes to their use of user data, calling the CEO’s congressional testimony “fascinating.”

The discussion took place on the Friday edition of The Joe Rogan Experience which featured fellow comedian Andrew Schulz. The pair talked about comedy, MMA, ancient pyramids, and Thursday’s congressional hearing over TikTok.

On Thursday, the apps CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before US Congress which largely focused on security concerns about the app in America and its effects on the younger generation.

As Rogan and Schulz began to talk about America’s strength with foreign nations, they suggested that because the Biden administration won’t retaliate in any way or “go and nuke someone,” other countries are more comfortable doing whatever they want.

“I would do sneaky things — if I was China or if I was Russia, if I was Iran, if I was some country that didn’t like us, I would do sneaky things,” Rogan said.

“So is that the concern with TikTok?” Schulz asked.

Rogan agreed, noting that the companies CEO testifying before congress was “fascinating.”

“It looks like they’re gonna ban it,” Schulz added.

“For sure,” said Rogan. “They’re not telling the truth. Like, the way this CEO was talking to the Senator today is like, oh my God. It’s like they just wanna say whatever they have to say to get out of there.”

“Like, he doesn’t answer the questions. He dances around and the Senator keeps trying to say ‘That’s a yes or no question. That’s a yes or no question.’ Like these dudes have been sending data to China from day one. And they’re doing something with that data. They’re accumulating, they’re finding out how coordinated our kids are. They got facial recognition on all of them,” he said.

“That’s what the dances are about? They’re just trying to find out how coordinated,” Schulz laughed.

Rogan noted how easily kids are led to the app but praised the social media website for being a “really good portal for creativity. Like some people do some interesting shit on there.”

Watch above via The Joe Rogan Experience.

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