Texas Governor Says Rio Grande Barriers Blocked By Court Were Border Patrol’s Idea


Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is currently being sued by the Biden administration for buoys placed in the Rio Grande River intended to detour migrants, now says the idea came from Border Patrol.

Back in July, the Justice Department sued Abbott over the 1,000-foot floating barrier citing humanitarian concerns and lack of permission from border cities in Mexico.

Despite being ordered to remove the buoys, on Friday a U.S. appeals court said that the barrier could stay in place until a full decision was reached.

Abbott spoke with radio host Glenn Beck on Tuesday about the lawsuit and his plan to reduce the number of migrants entering Texas.

“So the buoys, what is the status on that? And if they start doing some of these things, what is Texas going to do to remain a sovereign state?” Beck asked.

“First, I need to tell you this — the boys were a concept that were first developed by the Border Patrol itself,” Abbott replied.

“And we got the idea from them and we checked it out. We found it to be effective. And so we deployed it. And as the Border Patrol itself put out, there was nobody getting across it. The great thing about the buoys is it allows us to build a border wall or border barrier at 1/10th of the cost of the border wall that Texas is actually putting up,” Abbott explained.

As far as getting the ruling from the U.S. appeals court, Abbott said he would continue to fight to have the buoys stay in place.

“We hope and believe that we will prevail in the federal Court of Appeals. There are multiple legal reasons why what the Biden administration is contending is absolutely wrong. So we will continue to do that,” Abbott said.

Watch above via The Glenn Beck Program.

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