The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Claims Women Sportscasters Want To ‘Feminize’ Sports and ‘Destroy the Primary Reason for Their Existence’


Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh called out reporter Lyndsey Gough and women sportscasters in general during a segment on The Matt Walsh Show on Tuesday

Gough is a sports reporter and sports director for WTOC 11 in Georgia. She received media attention after claiming she was “violated” by fans attending the Georgia-Clemson football game on Saturday.

Following the game, Gough had posted a video of the reported incident, which displayed fans disrupting her shot and allegedly touching her as well as her production equipment.

At one point in the footage Gough said, “Please don’t touch me,” to one of the male fans.

Gough’s allegations struck a chord with Walsh, as he used the last 12 minutes of his podcast on Tuesday to discuss the incident.

“It wouldn’t be fair to say that all female sports reporters are like Lyndsey,” said Walsh, “but even so, I must say this situation only demonstrates why I personally prefer for sports broadcasts, especially football broadcasts, to be handled mostly by men.”

Walsh asserted that Gough wants the football atmosphere to become “more feminine environment,” claiming that, “She wants the football stadium to be quiet and gentle, considerate and respectful of personal space.”

“She is not trying to assimilate herself into the culture of football fans, she is rather hoping that they assimilate themselves to her,” assessed Walsh.

He said Gough is “worse than the average as far as female sports broadcasters go,” and claimed that she is “definitely not the only female to enter into this mostly male space and seek to feminize it.”

Walsh went further, asserting, “Females enter into areas typically catered to and mostly belong to men, and then often quite successfully they try to change them, to emasculate them.”

According to Walsh, they “thereby destroy the primary reason for their existence in the first place.”

The podcaster is seemingly convinced that women are seeking “to make the game less appealing to the people the game was invented for to begin with,” referring to sports being a generally male dominated space.

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