‘This is Bullsh*t!’ Kara Swisher and Co-Host Scott Galloway Spar Over Who Is More of An ‘Elite’ In Heated Exchange on Woke Culture


Podcast hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway went head-to-head in a recent episode over which one of them was more “elite.”

On the Friday edition of their Pivot Podcast they spent the first few minutes, as they often do, catching up on each other’s lives. They record the show remotely in two separate locations.

Galloway noted that he was in Los Angeles, California preparing to appear on Bill Maher’s show. Swisher noted that she would also be a guest on Maher’s show in the next month.

As the two hosts chatted about the preparation for the show, Swisher said Maher’s shows usually covered “aggrievement about culture wars.”

“You gotta admit that show is more culturally relevant than ever,” Galloway said, noting that clips from the show often go viral.

They continued to discuss why Maher is popular, with Galloway commenting that Maher says things other people agree with, but Swisher wasn’t quite sure.

“It’s further proof that, you know, there’s both opportunity and an existential threat to the species of people called moderates,” Galloway noted.

“I don’t think you’re a moderate sometimes, but that’s okay. We’re not gonna debate that,” Swisher said.

When asked if she thought Galloway was “too far left,” Swisher said, “No. I just think that you bang on that culture war drum a little too long. There’s other really issues in this country that are much — it’s just this whole woke thing is exhausting.”

“Most regular people are worried about the price of gas,” Swisher noted, which seemed to ignite a fire in Galloway.

“And you’re one with the regular folk?” Galloway said laughing.

“No, but I could — I have many more relatives than you do that are,” Swisher pushed back.

“You’re just a down home lesbian in San Francisco finishing your book,” Galloway said.

Swisher continued to push back on Galloway, accusing him of never really presenting an argument.

“You try to do this whenever I make the point that people go bang on about woke is not what people are concerned about. You don’t have to be of that group to understand that this is bullshit. Like, and this is what you do.You always have to point out, I am an elite, which you are even more an elite — when you wanna disagree with me, you never make an actual argument –” Swisher said.

“I’m sorry. Let’s unpack that. ‘You never make an actual argument.’ How soon after saying that did you realize that’s not true?” Galloway said.

“No, it’s not true,” Swisher insisted. “Whenever I point out that this woke stuff is exhausting and most people have bigger concerns than that. You always say, ‘Oh, you’re an elite lesbian.’ That is what you go to every single time. And so I don’t really think that’s okay,” she added.

Galloway said that some on the left turn off moderates’ voices which cause people with “dangerous ideas” to be elected.

“Let me actually make an argument. By which you accuse me of never doing. That we on the left shoot ourselves in the foot cause one of the impression is that the Americans have elected us to be the police for cultural issues, and as a result we turn off moderates and people with weird, dangerous ideas get elected. So we have adopted a strategy that has not worked,” Galloway said.

“Yes. But I think it’s that they have adjusted that over time. And I think the Republicans gone further right. And you can watch it through everything they’re doing around this Trump arrest. It’s nothing to do with anything else,” Swisher said.

“I think many on the left have adjusted this. I think many have said, ‘Yeah, you’re right’ and stuff like that. I don’t think they’re doubling down on it, that’s for sure. But I do think the Republicans are doubling down on crazy…I think the woke thing is not nearly as important as the crazy,” she added.

Listen above via The Pivot Podcast.

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