Ann Coulter Torches ‘Epstein’s Lawyer’ Ken Starr During Trump Trial Presentation: His Strategy is to ‘Torture the Senate’


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Conservative author Ann Coulter torched President Donald Trump’s defense team, Monday, claiming “Epstein’s lawyer” Ken Starr was trying to “torture the Senate” by boring them.

“Oh look! It’s Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer defending Trump!” declared Coulter in one Twitter post.

At first, it wasn’t clear which of Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyers Coulter was referring to, since two of them sit on the president’s legal defense team (Starr and Alan Dershowitz), but Coulter’s next post revealed she was talking about Starr.

“Ken Starr litigation strategy: Torture the senate with such an excruciatingly boring presentation that they cannot take another minute of this trial,” she proclaimed.

As reported by the Washington Post, “In the mid-2000s, Starr and Dershowitz were part of Epstein’s legal team when the wealthy investor was under investigation on suspicion of child prostitution.”

Epstein was facing charges for sex trafficking when he died in his jail cell in August 2019.

Despite originally being one of President Trump’s most vocal supporters and writing a book titled In Trump We Trust, Coulter has since become one of the fiercest critics of the president– holding him responsible for his broken promises.

Earlier this month, Coulter trolled President Trump’s lack of progress on a wall along the southern border by announcing a fictional “Trump Border Wall 4k” race which “could take up to 7 minutes.”

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