Barney Frank Praises Trump Over China Tariffs: He’s Doing ‘Exactly the Right Thing’


Former Rep. Barney Frank (D—MA) — a liberal voice on Capitol Hill and an architect of the financial-regulation overhauls in 2010 — said President Donald Trump “has done exactly the right thing” in hitting China with new tariffs.

The tariffs, which caused China to respond with proposed U.S. tariffs of their own, have stoked fears of a potential global trade war. Frank views things differently, however, saying the move will do more good in protecting workers than harm during an interview on the SiriusXM radio show The Dean Obeidallah Show.

“I agree with Trump on this,” Frank said, after being asked for his views on free trade and the newly announced tariffs. “China has behaved outrageously and Trump is right. Look, for a long time I have always argued that trade is a good thing with some bad consequences. The appropriate approach to trade should be to say ‘yes, we will engage in trade under the right circumstances,’ because it can improve the overall world.”

The president announced on Thursday the US trade representative would impose new tariffs and investment restrictions on nearly $50 billion worth of imports from China, citing stolen intellectual property as part of the reason behind the move. 

“We have a tremendous intellectual property theft problem,” Trump said. “It’s going to make us a much stronger, much richer nation.”

Frank said he supports the U.S. taking necessary action through trade against nations like China, known for its negligence toward the environment and workers, and its frequency to steal intellectual property from trade partners including the U.S. 

“China got into the World Trade Organization, tariffs with America were lowered, it’s the single worst thing that’s ever happened to working people in America,” he said. “China has been an abuser of this system, caused ore damage to American workers than anybody else … so I think Trump has done exactly the right thing with China.”

Check out a clip of the interview above. 

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