Biden is Not Buying Trump’s Claim Other Presidents Wanted Wall: Not ‘A Single One’

Speaking to reporters in the Rose Garden on Friday, President Donald Trump claimed that other presidents wanted a wall.

“This should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me and they all know it,” Trump said. “Some of them have told me that we should have done it.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden, though, wasn’t buying it.

Speaking to Circa on Saturday, Biden said this when asked to comment on Trump’s claim: “I can’t think of a single one who said that.” He also listed presidents, including Barack Obama, who he was sure never would have called for a wall.

“Come on,” Biden said.

Considering that Trump said that “some of them” told him personally that they wanted a wall, there are actually very few former presidents who could have made the claim.

Politico asked the living presidents and did not find a single one who said they had told Trump that.

“At least three of the four living U.S. presidents — Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — did no such thing,” Politico reported.

In addition, “spokespeople for George H.W. Bush, who died in November, and Jimmy Carter did not immediately respond to requests for comment” from Politico.

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