Bob Casey Asks Panel of Officials Including Fauci, Redfield at Senate Hearing to Commit to Taking Covid-19 Vaccine in ‘Public View’


Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) asked a panel of health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, to commit to taking the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine in an effort to raise the public’s confidence.

During a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Casey said, “One of the most important challenges we face in developing and then distributing and administering a safe and effective vaccine is public confidence.”

“As a way to demonstrate faith and the integrity of both the approval process, and to assure the American public that vaccines are safe, I would ask the other three members of our panel if they will commit to receiving the Covid-19 vaccine in public view once one becomes available and is authorized and approved by the FDA,” he continued.

Fauci replied, “Yes, I’ve said that in the past that if a vaccine has shown to be, and proven to be, and authorized by the FDA to be safe and effective, I certainly would take that vaccine and I would recommend to my family that they take that vaccine.”

Assistant Secretary for Health Adm. Brett Giroir also agreed, saying, “I have every confidence in the FDA process to provide us a safe and effective vaccine. I would have no hesitancy to take that vaccine. I would have no hesitancy to recommend to my family.”

However, he criticized Casey for asking the “inappropriate” question, adding, “I think the question is a little bit inappropriate. People need to read that vaccine, they need to understand and have a discussion with their physicians or providers before you ask anyone to commit to that, but I just want to tell you I have complete confidence in the FDA process.”

Likewise, Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agreed to Casey’s call, responding, “Yes, absolutely, as I would with my wife, children and eleven grandchildren, I would recommend it to all of them and of course, myself, I would take it.”

“I have total confidence in the FDA in the process of getting us a safe… If they give any away, then I’m confident it will be safe vaccine and I’m ready to take it,” he concluded.

Watch above via CNN.

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