Chris Cuomo Battles Rep. Peter King in Tense Russia Debate: ‘I Can’t Believe You’re Saying’ There’s No Basis For Probe

On Chris Cuomo‘s last New Day broadcast, he wasn’t going to go out without a bang-up interview. And he had a great one with Rep. Peter King (R-NY), during which they sparred over the Russia investigation.

“I think they’ve been certainly not telling the truth throughout this, that’s for sure,” said King of the investigators. “I don’t think there’s any basis for this investigation in the first place.”

That’s what led to Cuomo’s “I can’t believe you’re saying that” moment. Among a lot to watch in the interview, that especially stood out.

Here’s that part of the transcript.

CUOMO: When you say that we’ve been getting stonewalled, is it not true that you had officials from the FBI and the DOJ say there was no implanted spy in the Trump campaign? Is all the reporting wrong on that? Haven’t they already said that?
KING: Well, let’s see what the evidence shows because —
CUOMO: You think they’re lying about it?
KING: I think they’ve been certainly not been telling the truth throughout this, that’s for sure. I don’t think there’s any basis for this investigation in the first place. All they might be able to hang their hat on is this unnamed person and if as little evidence from him as there’s been from the others then it shows this whole investigation should never have been started from the start.
CUOMO: You don’t think there was good reason for suspicion about Russian interference in the election–
KING: Absolutely not.
CUOMO: –and whether or not they were trying to make inroads to the Trump campaign?
This was based as far as we know so far — it was based on Carter Page who never had any connection with the campaign other than to have his name there, he never met with President Trump or the top people in the campaign and George Papadopoulos, a 28-year-old person who apparently got drunk in a meeting in Europe, and there’s a question of when this second source, when he first became engaged to begin an investigation of a presidential campaign based on such, two loose matters as Carter Page, everything he said was public record. He was never actually engaged in the campaign and Papadopoulos, a 28-year-old acting on his own, and there’s no evidence of anything at all. To use that as the basis to investigate a presidential campaign and possibly put an informant into that campaign, you should be shouting from the roof tops against this. If this turns out what it appears to be now this was a terrible abuse of power by the FBI and DOJ. Jim Comey telling us about this unprecedented penetration of a presidential campaign by Russia, and there is none. There is none. Carter Page? Are you kidding me?
CUOMO: I can’t believe you’re saying that. If you were talking right now about proof of a crime, I would just keep listening, but.
KING: Okay.

The two briefly clashed over Clinton and the handling of that investigation. King was also dismissive of the significance of the Trump Tower meeting, which he described as a “20 minute meeting that was held which, there was no secret about it at the time.”

It’s really one continuously interesting conversation. The full clip is worth your time.

Watch above, via CNN.

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