Civil Rights Activist Angela Davis Says She Has Never Seen Such ‘Global Challenge to Racism’


Angela Davis, political activist, scholar, and critic of the U.S. police system, said that she has never seen such a strong challenge to racism during an interview with British television, calling the current global protests “a very exciting moment” in history.

On Channel 4 News, Davis noted that the protests in 2020 are a continuation of those in the 1960s and added that movements today are a product of centuries worth of attempts to get rid of racism in the United States.

“The change has to come in many forms,” Davis added. “It has to be political, it has to be economic, it has to be social.”

Davis, who wrote the 2003 book Are Prisons Obsolete?, has long been a champion for black prisoners and an advocate of police reform.

“What we are witnessing are very new demands for who knows how long we have been calling for accountability for individual police officers responsible for what amounts to lynchings, for continuing the whole tradition of extrajudicial lynching,” she added. “But under the code of the law.”

Davis remarked on demands to defund, dismantle, and demilitarize the police, noting that societies should begin to envision new ways of enforcing justice in the future.

“I don’t know if we have ever experienced this kind of global challenge to racism and to the consequences of slavery and colonialism,” she added.

When asked about Richard Nixon’s 1968 election, who ran on “law and order” following the riots in the 1960s, Davis noted that President Donald Trump could be re-elected in 2o20, but labeled this time in history as a possibility for change.

“We are going to have to harness all of the energy that was created in these uprising in order to guarantee that Donald Trump is not elected,” she said.

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