Corker Rips ‘Tyranny’ of Trump’s Shutdown: ‘Talk-Radio Hosts’ Are Influencing POTUS

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), ripped President Donald Trump‘s last minute push to get funding for his border wall, calling it “tyranny” in comments to reporters on Friday.

Speaking ahead of a Senate vote on a funding bill that includes $5 billion for the border wall, Corker unleashed on the process: “We have two talk-radio show hosts who basically influenced the president, and we’re in a shutdown mode.”

“That’s tyranny, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Do we succumb to tyranny of talk-radio show hosts?” Corker continued. “I mean, this is a juvenile place we find ourselves. The reason we’re here is that we have a couple talk-radio hosts that get the president spun up.”

After huddling with the president, Corker said he’s undecided on whether to vote to advance the current bill, telling reporters the episode is likely to end in a shutdown: “the bill will fail, everyone knows that.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) previously passed a short-term funding bill through the Senate on Tuesday — but one that didn’t include wall funding.

Then Trump’s loudest supporters, including radio host Rush Limbaugh, erupted in protest and Trump reversed course. That set up a last minute showdown on the budget, with a deadline of midnight Friday.

Watch CNN reporter Manu Raju describe Corker’s comments above.

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