Dem Congressman Comes to Rep. Omar’s Defense: I Wouldn’t Take Her Tweets as Anti-Semitic


Democratic New York Congressman Dan Kildee came to the defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on her latest tweets about Jewish people’s influence over members of Congress.

“Well I haven’t seen those comments and obviously that’s not something I would agree with or associate myself with,” Kildee began. “I assume she’s using the vernacular saying it’s just about money.”

CNN’s John Berman said that is the problem many people have with her tweets and can be seen as “veiled anti-semitism.”

“I wouldn’t take it anti-semitism,” Kildee replied. “When it comes to issues around foreign policy or comes to issues specifically with Israel, there are a lot of interests, a lot of folks who make campaign contributions based on a person’s position on Israel,” adding people have to be careful to not construe it as anything other than money having an influence on political decisions.

“I know Congresswoman Omar, I don’t believe that she would harbor those sorts of views as they’ve been characterized,” he continued.

Omar has been criticized by some fellow Democrats, such as Rep. Max Rose (D-NY):

Watch above, via CNN.

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