comScore Dem Rep. on Trump and N. Korea: Govern Like a 'Reality Show, Things Fall Apart

Dem Rep. Dings Trump Over Summit Collapse: When You Govern Like a ‘Reality Show… Things Fall Apart’

The collapse of the North Korea summit is the talk of D.C., and it is raining hot takes, sound bites, and “oh snap” moments. In a stand-up interview with J.D. Durkin of streaming news network Cheddar, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) had a good one.

Part zinger, part analysis, this take is pretty hot.

When you run international affairs like it’s a TV reality show, and you don’t prepare, things fall apart. And I think we have a very serious situation with North Korea, we need serious people to help plan these negotiations. Hopefully that’ll happen. But I’m not surprised that this all fell apart.

McGovern also said he was not previously optimistic about the chance for success, saying he felt the President wasn’t working with professionals or “the people who know what they’re doing.”

“Foreign policy takes a lot of attention and a lot of preparation,” he said. “This President… I hope he’s learning that lesson.”

President Donald Trump cancelled the meeting with Kim Jong-un following a series of public barbs between his administration and the North Koreans, and an escalating game of “you need this meeting more than I do.” It was a game that was predictable from the not-so-complicated Kim.

Something to be prepared for, in other words.

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