Elizabeth Warren Fires Back at Trump Official Calling Her Question Insulting: ‘Good’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) simply responded “good” when a bank regulation official in President Donald Trump’s administration complained that her line of questioning during a congressional hearing felt “insulting.”

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency chief Joseph Otting was objecting to Warren’s line of questioning concerning his office’s past and current oversight of the bank Wells Fargo during a hearing Wednesday.

Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, asked Otting to commit to “publicly disclosing the OCC’s evaluation of the ‘competence, experience, character, or integrity’ of the next Wells CEO.”

Otting refused to do so, saying the information is confidential and “it’s my prerogative.”

“Senator Warren no one has been more tougher on Wells Fargo than myself,” Otting insisted.

“You mean at the OCC? That’s a low bar,” Warren shot back.

“I find that insulting that you would make that comment,” said Otting.

Warren responded “Good.”

“You know people across this country were scammed and squeezed by Wells Fargo. Their houses were taken away. Cars were stolen.” Warren said. “Because the bank executives were more concerned about making mountains of money than about following the law.”

“This time you need to show your work and make your supervision public,” Warren said. “That way consumers and Congress can hold you accountable too.”

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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