Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says Polls Showing Trump Losing Are Wrong (Latest Fox News Poll: Biden 49%, Trump 41%)


Fox News host Jesse Watters opened his Saturday show by arguing polls showing President Donald Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden are not accurate — but his own network’s latest polling would disagree.

Biden leads Trump by over 8 points, 49% to Trump’s 41%,  according to a Fox News poll taken of registered voters between July 12th and July 15th. Biden’s lead is outside the margin of error, and also shows him dominating Trump with women by nearly 19 points.

“Most pollsters are under-sampling Republicans,” Watters said during his opening monologue. “They do that to depress turnout, don’t fall for it.”

“Hillary was beating Trump in every single battleground state going into the 2016 election. What happened? Hillary lost every single battleground state.”

National polling was not entirely wrong in 2016, Real Clear Politics showed former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump nationally by 3.2%, the final results were 2.1%. However, several key battleground state polling in 2016 were inaccurate in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where Trump was able to gain the electoral victory.

RCP’s polling average, which measures the average for several credible polling companies, shows Biden has the upper hand over Trump by more than 7 points. The president’s approval rating average has rallied slightly in recent days to 43.6%.

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