‘It’s Not a Goddamn Joke Ted’: Sen. Markey Rips Cruz For Mocking Proposal For $2,000 Monthly Payment to Workers

Cruz: Zach Gibson/Getty Images — Markey: Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) called out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Twitter, Monday after Cruz mocked the concept of further government financial assistance to workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

After Markey called on the government to give “every person in our country $2000/month for the duration of the pandemic, $2000/month for 3 months after that, and $2000/month retroactive to March,” Cruz mocked the idea of government financial assistance, tweeting, “Why be so cheap? Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever.”

“And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage,” he continued. “We have a magic money tree — we should use it!”

Markey soon shot back, calling out Cruz for making a joke out of the struggles that may American workers are currently experiencing.

“It’s not a goddamn joke Ted. Millions of families are facing hunger, the threat of eviction, and the loss of their health care during a pandemic that is worsening every day,” he declared. “Get real.”

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