Ivanka Celebrates Associated Press Calling Alaska For Trump, Ignoring the Outlet Has Also Called the Entire Race For Biden


Photo via Win McNamee/Getty Images

As President Donald Trump continues his legal fight against the 2020 Election results, Ivanka Trump moved to celebrate the news that Alaska has finally been called for her father.

“President Trump and Senate Republicans win Alaska, overwhelmingly and by a massive 20 point spread!” The First Daughter cheered. “Put AK in the books for Donald Trump! Congratulations Senator Dan Sullivan! Thank you Alaska!”

The result bumps Trump up by 3 electoral votes to an overall total of 217. The news comes as Trump and his allies claim (without substantial evidence) that the election results in multiple battleground states were corrupted by mass voter fraud.

Team Trump has been complaining about the media recently for determining the election winner ahead of the electoral certification. As such, many people found it interesting Ivanka decided to revel in the Associated Press’ projection of just one state while her father bashes the media for calling the entire election.

Others helpfully reminded Mrs. Trump that AP made another call about the race: the one where her father loses to President-Elect Joe Biden:


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