comScore Joe Biden: American Values are Being ‘Shredded’ by a POTUS ‘Who’s All About Himself’

Joe Biden: American Values are Being ‘Shredded’ by a POTUS ‘Who’s All About Himself’

Vice-President Joe Biden did not hold back during an event in Las Vegas on Saturday.

In fact, he lambasted President Donald Trump for shredding American values.

Biden started out by citing conservative columnist David Brooks who he noted said, “there is an invisible, moral fabric that holds up society, that is made up of decency, honor, giving hate no safe harbor, treating everyone responsibly, making sure you understand that a community is bigger than you, you owe something beyond just yourself.”

He continued on: “That’s what built this country. That’s who we are.”

Then after stressing that “you cannot define an American” based on race, religion, or ethnicity, he continued on, noting America’s “the only country in the world based on an idea, the American idea, basic fundamental decency. And it is being shredded. It is being shredded.”

Then speaking directly of the current POTUS, Biden said this: “My God, think of what is going on now. As George Will, another conservative said, these values have been shredded, they have been shredded by a president who is all about himself. It’s all about Donald. It isn’t about anything else.”

At a rally also in Nevada on Saturday, Trump slammed Biden and polled his own rally-goers for an appropriate mean nickname for the former Vice-President.

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