comScore Joe Scarborough, Dana Loesch Fight Over NRA Incitement

Joe Scarborough and Dana Loesch Clash on Twitter: You Were ‘Inciting Violence Against My Wife and Me’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Second Amendment activist Dana Loesch pummeled each other on Sunday as they duked it out on Twitter over who is responsible for inciting violence in America.

As the fallout continues from the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio this weekend, Loesch has been fending off a lot of online critics who’ve accused her and the National Rifle Association of being culpable for gun violence throughout the country. As Loesch bemoaned the death threats her critics directed her way, Scarborough jumped in and slammed her over an ad she ran while she used to be an NRA spokesperson:

Loesch took notice of the Morning Joe host and she’s not letting his remarks go unanswered.

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