Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Ridiculous On Its Face’ to Ask If Trump Would Pardon Himself

Kellyanne Conway is fed up with questions about whether the President could, should, or would pardon himself in the event such pardon were necessary, and she let loose about it on Monday.

On Fox & Friends, Conway said that it is “ridiculous on its face” to question it. “This whole exercise of whether he will pardon himself is a ridiculous question on its face, because you would pardon yourself if you’d done something wrong.”

The question was prompted by the President tweeting about it and claiming the “absolute right” to pardon himself. Host Abby Huntsman reads the tweet aloud Conway in clip.

Conway also expressed her frustration as well that there is an implication of not being cooperative.

“We have respected the process tremendously,” she said. “This White House could not have been more cooperative. Thousands if not more pages of documents have been turned over.”

She did not mention the document sent from Trump’s legal team to Robert Mueller detailing his power to defy subpoena, instead saying “this president himself has been very cooperative.”

Kellyanne also took aim at a reporter outside the White House today on the question of the possible pardon, bashing the very premise.

“You guys like to engage in these hypothetical exercise constantly,” she snapped. “I assume it’s easier than understanding the ins and outs of North Korea and trade policy.”

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