Lara Trump Hosts Newsmax Show Week After DeSantis Was a Guest on It, and Shocker – She Endorses Her Father-in-Law


Lara Trump – the daughter-in-law of former president and current candidate Donald Trump – guest-hosted Friday’s edition of The Balance on Newsmax.

The decision indicates Newsmax is continuing to blur the boundaries of politicking and cable news programming, as the network tapped Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to fill in on Monday’s and last Friday’s editions of Greg Kelly Reports.

Balance viewers tuning in to find Eric Bolling in the host’s chair were instead greeted by Lara Trump, a week after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is challenging her father-in-law for the Republican presidential nomination, joined the show for a lengthy interview.

“Good evening, I’m Lara Trump, filling in for Eric Bolling, who is off tonight,” she began the show.

She discussed the former president’s “decisive lead” over DeSantis and the rest of the GOP field and then welcomed former Trump White House official Ric Grenell to the program to discuss the race.

Trump aired video of DeSantis snapping at a reporter in Iowa on Thursday.

“He seems a little snippy there,” Trump said of the man challenging her family member for the nomination. Later in the segment, Trump provided her predictable view.

“We absolutely need Donald Trump back,” she said. “That is my take.”

Lara Trump was formerly a Fox News contributor, but was dropped by the network when her father-in-law announced his candidacy in November 2022.

Clearly, Newsmax has no reservations about its guest hosts having family ties to presidential candidates, or in the case of Gaetz – a member of Congress. Gaetz discussed the debt ceiling deal he was set to vote on. Like Lara Trump, he has also endorsed Donald Trump for president.

“I was surprised seeing a sitting member of Congress hosting a network show,” a Newsmax source told Mediaite last week. “Worst idea I’ve heard in a long time.”

Watch above via Newsmax.

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