Lindsey Graham: I’m Not Sure McCain is Right About Where America Stands on Globalism and Trade

As Senate allies go, few are closer than Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain. But the Trump era creates fine line disagreements even in the tightest of relationships.

In this case, Sen. Graham thinks Sen. McCain may not be quite right about the American people and their views on free trade.

After President Donald Trump tossed some angry tweet grenades on the G7 and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau before heading toward his summit in Singapore, McCain tweeted a response that not only went viral but has been all over the morning news.

On This Week, calling Trump’s G7 blow-up a “real break” with our allies, host George Stephanopoulos asked Senator Graham if he agreed McCain’s response.

“I’m not so sure John’s right about where America is on trade,” Graham said. “The Bernie Sanders element of the Democratic party doesn’t stand for free trade. Hillary Clinton said she would get out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership if she had become President.”

“There’s a movement in our party that Trump seized that got him the nomination and eventually become President of the United States,” he continued.

“I’m not sure the majority of Americans believe globalism and free trade is in our interest,” he said. “I believe that, John McCain believes it.”

He concluded by agreeing and disagreeing with McCain. “I’m not so sure most Americans agree with John McCain and Lindsey Graham.”

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