Maskless Gavin Newsom Poses for Pics Partying With Celebs, Gets Dragged by Everyone but CNN

Maskless Gavin Newsom with Immunocompromised Magic Johnson


Mask-tattling has been somewhat of a sport in the press over the last three years, if in a partisan way. This weekend, California Gov. Gavin Newsom ran afoul of the masklessness police when he was spotted without the requisite face covering while partying with celebrities at the NF Championship game on Sunday, and taken to the woodshed on social media.

Newsom was out Sunday at the game, indoors and in close quarters, and posed for pictures with celebrities, becoming just the latest in a string of officials who advocate, enact, and/or enforce mask rules on others acting as if they are exempt.

NBA legend Magic Johnson’s photos on Twitter and Instagram ignited the fire. The photos from the elite booth included not just California’s governor, but Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and San Francisco Mayor London Breed equally bare-faced, in violation of both local and stadium rules.

The New York Post reported on it, pointing out the hypocrisy when it comes to obeying guidelines and rules.

LA County currently has a mask mandate in place for outdoor “mega events” that host more than 5,000 people, regardless of vaccination status. The rules will apply for the Super Bowl matchup that will be hosted at the stadium on Feb. 13, local health officials have said.

Under SoFi Stadium’s policies — which adhere to the local health order — masks are required to be worn at all times except when people are eating or drinking.

The Daily Mail likewise pointed out that the Democrats were in violation of their own policies, at both the state and local level.

State mask mandates require Californians to wear masks in all indoor public spaces and workplaces through February 15 regardless of vaccination status. In Los Angeles County, residents are expected to mask up in ‘all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and public and private businesses’. Masks are also required at all outdoor mega events.

Fox News hit the hypocrisy angle too, naturally.

Even MSNBC’s Morning Joe made mention of it in passing, when Joe Scarborough brought up Newsom’s name after a very salient point from Katty Kay, who was reporting on Boris Johnson‘s alleged partying during covid.

Notably, CNN did not, here in the third year of relentless “maskless” coverage on the network. People on Twitter, however and of course, laid Newsom out over it. Many responses focused on the fact that mask mandates are in place in schools across the state, including Mayor Garcetti’s LA school district, where the restrictions became even more stringent just days before the maskless Democrat romp that violated stadium, city, and state rules and guidelines.

A similar controversy caught the attention of social media but somehow escaped CNN’s just over a week ago when several New York City council members posed for a photo indoors at a restaurant maskless.

Watch the clips above, via Fox News and MSNBC and not CNN.

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