Michael Avenatti Googled ‘Insider Trading’ Before He Allegedly Tried to Extort Nike


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Controversial celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, who famously represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump, Googled “insider trading” just before he allegedly tried to extort Nike.

According to court documents, Avenatti’s search history was retrieved by the U.S. government from his Apple iCloud account.

The searches from March 10, 2019, included “nike put options,” and “insider trading.”

Avenatti also reportedly visited the Nike page on Nasdaq.com.

Less than two weeks after Avenatti made these searches, he was arrested and charged with trying to extort over $20 million from Nike.

Avenatti’s lawyer, Scott Srebnick, argued in a letter, “This evidence of Mr. Avenatti’s internet searches […] is irrelevant, and the unfair prejudice from its introduction would substantially outweigh any probative value.”

“The obvious implication is that Mr. Avenatti illegally traded in Nike stock based upon information obtained from Coach Franklin,” Srebnick continued. “That did not happen, the government has no evidence that it did, and Mr. Avenatti is not charged with insider trading.”

Earlier this month, Avenatti claimed on Twitter that he was innocent and would be “fully exonerated.”

“Once the actual evidence is presented in the Nike trial, I will be fully exonerated because I did absolutely nothing wrong,” he declared.

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