Mick Mulvaney Tells Fox News He Won’t Vote for Former Boss Trump: ‘I’m Not Interested in Backing a Loser’


Former President Donald Trump’s own ex-chief of staff wants nothing to do with his 2024 presidential candidacy.

Mick Mulvaney said on Fox News said he’s not supporting his former boss because he’s “not interested in backing a loser.”

Appearing on Friday’s Your World, Mulvaney was asked by Neil Cavuto if he’d back Trump.

“Would you support him if he were the nominee?” the host inquired.

“No,” Mulvaney replied. “I don’t think he can win. I’m not interested in backing somebody who can’t win. He can win a Republican primary. I think today he’s the smart money to win the Republican primary. But for the reasons I mentioned five minutes ago on this death and destruction stuff and having dinner with White supremacists and all the crazy stuff that he’s been doing since he left office, he’s just whittling away at his own base.”

Mulvaney added that the former president is not bringing any new voters into his camp at this point.

“If you don’t get more people to vote for you in 2024 than you did in 2020, you’re probably gonna lose, and I’m not interested in backing a loser,” he said.

Mulvaney went on to say that in 2020, about 50,000 Arizonans voted for Republican congressional candidates in the general election but did not vote for Trump, who lost the state by fewer than 11,000 votes.

“There’s going to be a lot of those folks out there that are just tired of Donald Trump,” he concluded.

Mulvaney left open the possibility he would change his mind.

“Maybe Donald Trump has a dramatic change between now and November of 2024,” he said. “Who knows? But as you sit here and look the tea leaves over right now, you gotta think he wins that Republican primary and loses the general election.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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