Morning Joe Defends ‘Loyalist’ Sessions Against ‘Chocolate Smearing 4-Year-Old’ Trump

On Morning Joe on Wednesday, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt was on to discuss his article, published Tuesday, revealing new details about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his recusal in the Russian investigation.

Discussing the article with fellow Times reporter Nick Confessore, host Joe Scarborough describes the difference between how the Trump camp viewed Sessions early on, and how they treated him after the recusal, a major shift that Joe lays on Trump’s immature and “cute” misunderstanding of what an Attorney General actually does.

Scarborough: Nick, it’s so fascinating again to hear what Donald Trump and the entire team said about Jeff Sessions during the campaign. That he was the most brilliant mind on Capitol Hill. That he was the one man they could trust to be with Donald Trump. Donald Trump said he was so brilliant, he could appoint him any cabinet position and he would do an extraordinary job. They were thinking about appointing him as secretary of state. And attorney general. I mean, they went down the list.

And then they’re asking him to do something that no lawyer would ever do and not recusing themselves in that position. And then going on and saying ‘well we want to you reverse your recusal’, which is even more impossible. I think it’s so cute, that this president thinks that attorney generals are supposed to be their personal lawyers, and by cute, I mean completely ignorant. Something that a 4-year-old, you know, while smearing, like, chocolate on the side of a wall might think. That’s actually not cute at all. Not cute at all. Actually pretty depressing.

Confessore: It sucks when they do that, so. The important thing here, just to consider, and put it in context, that Jeff Sessions is the ultimate trump loyalist, or was at this point. He was one of the first people in the party to endorse his candidacy–

Scarborough: The first senator — and let’s say that again. Jeff Sessions throughout the entire campaign was the ultimate Trump loyalist–

Mika Brzezinski: Wore the hat.

Scarborough: …and the only member of the Republican establishment early on to support Donald Trump.

Confessore: And he’s flying down to Mar-a-Lago because the president is in Florida when he could be in D.C. to sign something that is the centerpiece of one of his central policies.

Scarborough: He had a golf game with Fabio.

Confessore: And when he gets there, he berates them about this. This decision. Which was obviously the right decision. So just think with all that context, how important this recusal must have been to the president. And you look at the fact pattern at that time. The various meetings with gulf leaders, with Russian agents before. I mean it just adds up and puts you in a state a state of mind that the president obviously felt that he was vulnerable.

Trump’s turn against Sessions over this was dramatic, as the panelists note, and Trump’s misunderstanding of Sessions’ job was blatant. The article at the Times ties that together as a picture of Jeff Sessions, key witness.

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