Newsmax Host Chris Plante Says Most ‘Refugees’ Are Coming From Places Where ‘We Might Go On Vacation’


Newsmax host Chris Plante had a bizarre take on the influx of migrants reaching the Southern Border of the United States, arguing that they’re not refugees.

The exchange took place on the Tuesday edition of Newsmax’s Chris Plante The Right Squad, where he discussed NYC mayor Eric Adams’ plan to eventually offer accommodations to migrants via the homes of NYC residents who need extra money.

A clip from the discussion was shared on Twitter via Jason Campbell of the progressive media watchdog Media Matters.

“When 9/11 happened and a lot of airplanes couldn’t get back in the U.S. and went to Greenland and the great people of Greenland took them in and were very welcoming. That’s not what’s happening here. All right?” Plante said.

“We’ve taken a million legal immigrants a year, and I love that we’ve taken a million legal immigrants a year, but that’s not what this is either. It’s berserk and now it’s like we’re living through a war and we’ve — we’re taking in refugees. They’re not refugees. Most of these people are coming from countries where we might go on vacation,” he added.

The chairman of CPAC, Matt Schlapp, offered his own take on the migrant crisis.

“That’s right. Well, actually, a lot of them are coming from places we wouldn’t even think about going on vacation, to be quite honest,” Schlapp said.

“…One of the individual rights, which our founders were so brilliant in saying we should retain, was to decide that the government can’t tell us to quarter troops,” Schlapp said.

Schlapp added that although the program — if it ever comes to fruition — would be volunteer-based, getting paid to house migrants would be like “a job.”

“We all know what the next step is. Well, it’s actually your citizen’s duty to take some people into your home or into your business because they don’t really believe in property rights anyway,” Schlapp said.

Watch above via Newsmax’s Chris Plante The Right Squad.

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